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Get lean, build strength & 10X your energy permanently using the power of data & systems.

66Days is a 4 month coaching mastermind that combines knowledge, tools, community and 1-1 support necessary to achieve life-long health and thrive on a plant-predominant diet.

Who's it for

66Days is for you if you're vegan, vegetarian or plant-curious and are struggling with:

  • Weight loss or gain, building muscle and changing your physique

  • Knowing what foods to eat and how to eat it to hit your health goals

  • Clarity on how to train properly without getting injured

  • Sleep duration and quality

  • High stress levels and low self control

  • Too much complexity in your life that's draining your energy & time

  • Creating solid systems and structures in your life

And if you enjoy working with data :)

What members are saying


"I consider myself a self-starter and I've had a lot of successes in my career and in my life... but for something like this - having someone check up on your progress on the 4 pillars every day, was game changing... Without a doubt, this program works 100%."

Theo l.


How it works

Knowledge - learning

  • Science-backed essentials on how to eat, move, rest and control our emotions sustainably

  • Bite sized modules that help you learn one topic at a time and avoid overwhelm

  • Detailed resources on how to meal prep, use different equipment and important training methods

  • Simple interface to track progress and review regularly


Implementation - taking action

  • Customized plan that is tailored to individual goals and that changes with dynamic environments

  • Easy to use app to track habits and collect data on calories, macros, strength, sleep & biometrics

  • Unlimited form reviews for resistance training movements to master technique

  • Extra course material to further support nutrition and training skills


Support - accountability

  • Close knit community to hang out & connect with other optimizers on the same journey

  • 1-1 coaching calls and mindset calls with your coach each week

  • Drop-in weekly roundtables with on board physiotherapist to prevent injuries & recover faster

  • 24/7 support via Whatsapp chat/email/DM/calls with your coach

  • Biweekly progress reports showcasing areas of success and improvement

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How to get started

If you're vegan, vegetarian or plant-curious and are looking to get lean, build strength and completely transform your health permanently and you're interested in getting coached to hit your goals once and for all - 


Then click the link below to chat with Abhi so that he can learn more about your challenges and goals and see if 66Days is a good fit for you!

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