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Abhi Amalsadia

Plant-based Health Coach & Founder | 66Days Co.

What is 66Days?

66Days is a movement formulated on the premise that the journey to reaching our peak physical and mental states is lifelong, not something to be achieved in record time. There is really no point to putting yourself through such stimuli like fad diets or 30 days of intense training only to produce results that don't last. True health and wellness is having the ability to look your best, feel your best and know that you can maintain that state of being for as long as you live.

And so to achieve this means focusing on the systems that drive this progress: your health habits.

While we think a lot of what we do is done consciously (e.g. walking, starting conversations, solving problems...etc), up to 95% of it is done autonomously. With it's sole purpose being to conserve energy, the brain is always finding new patterns to automate so you have more energy to focus on things that matter (new environments or scenarios). These patterns or tendencies are essentially our habits. When we shift our habits, we experience a new life.

We've always thought to believe that changing a habit takes 21 days. But this applies to simple new habits like drinking water. For changing something as big as the way your mind and body are wired takes much longer - 66 days or more to be precise. This is the true minimum number of days it takes to make an action autonomous.

Who is it for?

Any human with the drive to live their best versions of themselves in mind and body is open to join. If you want to achieve any of the following:

  • a lean and athletic body

  • days filled with consistent energy and minimal afternoon dips

  • waking up fueled with energy without the need for caffeine

  • less stress and more control of your mind

  • longer life and minimizing your chances of getting diseases

  • a better relationship with fitness and nutrition

  • the ability to cook your own plant-based meals quickly

  • understanding your mind and body inside out

Then our 1-1 coaching program is definitely something you should consider.

About the Founder

Having worked in the engineering consulting space for over 5 years, I've seen how today's workplace can place massive stresses on both our mind and body. Tight deadlines, constant emails and working more hours than we signed up for is the new norm and taking time for ourselves, whether its vacations, breaks or power naps are viewed negatively as lazy or unproductive. 

As a result, despite our advancements in healthcare and mental health support, we are now more unhealthy than ever as a species. More anxiety, more stress, less sleep, terrible nutrition and little to no movement... this is a guaranteed path to a poor quality of life and an early death.

I experienced this first hand. As someone who wanted to look my best and have infinite energy on the daily, I was finding it extremely difficult to balance my career, relationships and overall health and wellbeing all at once. Resorting to google and consuming YouTube videos only resulted in information overwhelm, followed by marketing from pharmaceuticals, quick fix fitness programs and other supplements that only targeted surface level problems. Surely, this wasn't how everyone else was experiencing this, right? No - this was common.

After all these years, how was this still a problem? How is it that if you're eating healthy, moving daily and avoiding bad habits like smoking, then you're in the top 3% of North America?! Insanity.


Every since I asked these questions, I have become obsessed with solving this problem. I consumed hours of books, videos, seminars and courses learning about human psychology like how our brain functions and how our thoughts and behaviors affect our ability to obtain desired results over time. I dived into how nutrition works to a cellular level to see what food does to our body and mind, what movements allow us to feel more alive, tone our body and stay youthful for life and ways to become more focused and less stressed in the process. 

And from that process of deep diving, I discovered the power of habits and systems - how everything we experienced in our life right now was a lagged result of the nutrition, movement, recovery and mental focus habits we installed years ago. That these exact habits created our trajectory for life and to change that trajectory meant understanding the way our brain and body worked and actively rewiring our habits day by day until they become our new normal.

This was how 66Days was born - a coaching program designed to help humans rewire themselves to achieve peak performance in mind and body every single day, for the rest of their lives.