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See others who have joined and what their experience has been like on their journey to mastering their health

Ted L.


A senior director at a large energy firm and father to a new born, Ted has a lot on his plate. With his list of responsibilities growing each month and with Covid restricting his daily movements to a bare minimum, he found himself at his heaviest. Find out how he turned it all around and dropped 20lb and 4 inches off his waist while taking his energy and mental capacity to new heights.

Prasaanthan G.


A busy radiologist working shifts and 60+ hr a week, father of a 3yr old, and community contributor through various leadership positions who found his health put on the sidelines. Despite trying spin classes, running, HIIT programs and caloric deficits, he wasn't able to find something that was sustainable. He needed to tackle the root problems. Find out how we ran Prasa's health like a business and produced incredible results. 

Tejas M.

A busy project manager working long hours and struggling to create balance and structure in his life. With covid restricting hours usually spent playing recreational sports on the weekly, he found himself in a rut he couldn’t manage to get out of. Find out how he managed to automate the fundamentals of fitness and lose 30 lbs over 90 days in the process (while eating what he enjoyed).

Maryam A.


A busy project manager and electrical engineer working in a high stress environment and who struggled to create balance and structure in her life, especially with Covid restricting access to the gym and other activities. Despite trying various strategies to up her fitness in the past like diets, HIIT workouts and daily walks, she still wasn’t where she wanted to be and needed a more sustainable lifestyle. Find out how she was able to rewire her habits and change her trajectory for life.

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