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You don't rise to the level of your goals.
You fall to the level of your SYSTEMS.

We do health & wellness differently.

The traditional method of achieving fitness and wellness goals is broken, so we came up with our own. Instead of focusing on the result you want, we focus on the person you need to become. Doing so changes the way your mind and body are wired.

Most programs use follow along systems that help get your desired body goals as fast as possible with no attention on how those systems work and how to sustain the results for the long-term.

E.g. keto, juice diets, YouTube workouts, 30 day challenges

This results in experiencing a 'yo-yo' effect of getting results, falling off, reversing back and then repeating that cycle perpetually.

Traditional Method

Our Method

66Days uses habit-fueled methods to rewire your systems from the inside out and allow data to show us how to optimize those systems as our body adapts.


This means starting with your identity and beliefs. Then aligning your daily thoughts and actions to that identity so that coherence is formed.


As a by-product of these solid systems, you get the results you desire by simply being yourself.


The Game Plan

Mountain 2.png


Stage 1 - Audit and awareness

Stage 2 - Installing the 4 Pillars into your life

Stage 3 - Optimization & habit rewiring

How our method works

Traditional fitness programs try to cater to everybody and end up helping nobody. We provide our clients with solid foundations and an environment tailored to them - one filled with professionals just like them with the same struggles, challenges, pains and pitfalls and lifestyle - then we let emergence happen.



Your ability to stay consistent on your health journey is heavily influenced by your environment. We provide the ultimate community with live Q&A's, accountability, progress sharing and mentorship.


Brain Rewiring

The #1 killer in achieving health goals is psychological, not physical. For you to stick to the journey, we must rewire your mind to seeing health and wellness as a lifelong game and remove any doubts and delusions.



Most people think they lack motivation when what they really lack is clarity. We provide an easy-to-follow path to build your systems from the ground up to a point where they become autono-mous

Tracking Systems


Most humans are on top of their financial metrics, but ignore their health ones. Our clients get tracking systems that allow them to measure progress to a tee and get feedback to iterate and improve.


The 4 Pillars

Fresh Produce


Nutrition is fundamentally the most important factor when it comes down to getting lean and having enough energy to tackle your days like a king. It's responsible for your weight, your ability to pack on muscle and burn fat, your digestion, your immunity, mental and brain energy and ensuring that your entire body is running at its peak. 

What you place in your body has a direct effect on the type of life you live. It single handedly has the ability to change the way you wake up, sleep, train and FEEL every single day.

Science has proven time and time again that eating more plants are directly linked with a healthier gut, a well nourished body, increased endurance & immunity, and a more energized you, and so we work to focus our nutrition on living that way with majority of all foods coming from whole-food plant-based sources. (no point retiring at 65 only to lay in the hospital)

80/20 Rule

Sustainable eating involves 80% plant-based whole foods and 20% of whatever you want.


Finding complete plant-based sources that fuel your muscles and satisfy your tastebuds.


Understanding the affects of water quality and quantity on the body and mind.

Processed vs. Whole Foods

Learning how to differentiate healthy foods from the rest. What to look out for.

Energy Balance

Understanding that food at its core is energy. Learn how to track and monitor energy intake.


Discovering nutrient packed super foods that boost energy and detoxify your system.

Meal Preparation

Learning how to prepare gourmet meals in record times and bring out your inner Ramsay.


Discovering the best supplements to ensure you are living at peak levels daily.

Intense Workout


Nutrition can get you lean, but without training, you'll be left with a washed away side-by-side. In order to get a defined body that looks good with or without tailored clothes, proper training is required.

We incorporate a combination of endurance training to up heart health and strength training to build muscle and strength and change your overall body composition. And we do it in a way where you don't dread going to the gym (with special attention to home workouts to save time).

Moving Daily

Scheduling daily sessions to move that mold in with you day to day tasks.

Resistance Training

Focusing on compound lifts that build multiple muscle groups simultaneously.

Progression & Tracking

Using tailored software to track, learn and progress training sessions. 

Focus on Form

Perfecting form for every movement using guided videos and detailed explanations.

High Intensity Interval Training

Integrating short bursts of back-to-back movements that increase explosive energy.


Learning how to build stamina without sacrificing muscle in the process.

Home Gyms

Learning how to take the gym with you no matter where you are.

Time Adjustments

Adapting to busy schedules without sacrificing or skipping training sessions.



Training is the stimulus to which the body adapts, but rest is essential to allow time for those adaptations to take place. With proper sleep, stretching and mobility sessions and strong evening routines, you will be able to train harder, improve energy and focus, and feel like you're young every day.

We think differently about sleep and go deep into how the brain functions at each level. Then we design our evenings to slow our brainwaves down to increase sleep quality substantially so that you wake up feeling rejuvenated.


Monitoring sleep duration and sleep quality. Designing our environment to improve this.

Slowing Brainwaves

Understanding that sleep occurs from the alpha state and how to slow your brainwaves.

Yoga & Mobility

Embedding mobility and breathing techniques to keep the body working at peak levels.

Evening Routines

Bringing closure to your tasks and giving your eyes a rest from technology.

Injury Prevention

Engaging in key stretches to ensure muscles remain functional and injuries are prevented.

Physio & Rehab

Self diagnosing and techniques to rectify muscle pulls and soreness at home.

Free Yoga

Mental Focus

Mental focus is the bootloader for everything. It's responsible for your identity, self image, belief systems, and awareness of your own actions, thoughts and behaviour.

It's the part of you that determines how your day starts and ends, how you are able to tackle daily tasks and creates your internal drive. Breathing monitors your stress and allows you to increase intensity in training sessions so that you get more with less time. Meditation and visualization helps create laser-like focus so that each day is one that you create for the person you wish to become.

Daily Meditations

Becoming accustomed to the present moment and manage distractions.

Morning Routines

Starting your day with short powerful tasks that boost energy and bring clarity.

Self Awareness

Unravelling subconscious habit loops so that they can be refined or discarded.


Creating the future you in your mind and then making it a reality via small actions.

Identity Restructuring

Learning how to reform your identity using moment-to-moment thoughts and actions.

Rebuilding Belief Systems

Understanding the core behind motivation and willpower and redefining limiting beliefs.

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